Recorded as Hook, Hooke, Hooker, Hookes, Hooks, Huck, Huke, Hocke and Huckes, this is a very early English medieval surname, perhaps even the earliest - or certainly one of that select group. It has three possible origins, although none are directly connnected with piracy or the sea, not even the Hook of Holland! The first is locational from one of various places called Hook or Hooke (Old English ''hoc'') in six English counties. The second was a very popular nickname for a person with a hooked nose, and also originally ''hoc'', whilst the third is from the pre 7th century Olde English ''hocere'', the later ''hooker,'' and occupational for a skilled maker of hooks. These were not initially made from iron or steel, but fashioned using heating and steaming from animal bone. The modern meaning of a call girl or boy, we understand is 19th century, and based upon ''hooking'' a person. To our knowledge it has no relevance to the origins of the surname, - but anything is possible with surnames. Early examples of recordings include one Halwun Hoce in the register of Old English Bynames from the years 1050 - 1071 a.d. As surnames are generally accepted as commencing in the three centuries AFTER the Norman Invasion of England in 1066, this means it really is old. Other very early examples include Geoffrey de la Hoke in the county of Devonshire in 1242, and Gervase ad Hokys of Bedfordshire in 1244, both are locational, whilst John Hook of Essex in 1327 is clearly a nickname. The very first known recording of all was that of Osmundus Hocere, in the rolls known as the Liber Elliensis of circa 975 a.d. Surname holders have been granted at least twenty coats of arms. Perhaps the first is that of Sir Richard Hook, of the city of York, who served under King Edward 1st of England (1273 - 1307). His blazon was a blue field, a fess or band between three gold fleur de lis, suggesting victory over the French.

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