Recorded in several forms including Ygo, Ygoe, Ygou, Igo, Igoe and Higgoe, this is an English surname, but probably with some added Huguenot French protestant influence. First recorded in the the surviving church registers of the diocese of Greater London on February 12th 1664, when Alice Higgoe, the daughter of John Higgoe was recorded at St. Dunstans in the East, Stepney, the name has never ceased to puzzle researchers, and all who come into contact with it. In our opinion the surname is locational, and a transposed spelling of the river name Yeo, found mainly in the western counties of Devon and Somerset. Prior to the 19th century and Victorian times, writing and spelling for most people was an unknown art, whilst local dialects were so strong as to be almost separate languages. In some places they still are. The result was that a name which was not easy to pronounce in anycase, was even more difficult to record accurately when two hundred miles, and probably several days if not weeks, away from its "home" place. Other recording examples in the London area from the 17th century include: Judith Ygou, the daughter of Pierre Ygou, at the French church known as "The artillery" on Agust 31st 1699, and Mary Igoe, the daughter of James Igoe, who was christened at St Pancras Old Church, on July 1st 1750.

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