Recorded in many forms including Wipfl, Wipfler, Wiper, Wipper, Wippermann, Wipert, Wippert, Wippler, Wippold, Wipprecht, Wippel and Wyper, this is a German surname of ancient pre 7th century origins. However spelt the derivation is from the compound personal name 'Wieprecht' meaning 'Battle-bright'. Not surprisingly during the period of history known as 'The Dark Ages', which was after the fall of the Roman Empire in 412 a.d. through to the Emperor Charlemagne in the 9th century, such names were very popular. This was a time when civilisation broke down and war and conquest were all the rage, unlike the peaceful and civilised 20th century (!). Certainly this name has continued throughout the millenium, and will no doubt through the next one as well. The surname is one of the earliest recorded in Germany, the first known example being Berchtard Wipf of Mulheim in the year 1278, closely followed by Emicho Wypphil of Worms in 1299. Other recordings include such examples as Hans Wipperlin of Ergenzingen in 1429 and Johann Wippermann of Hagen in 1530. In England the name is recorded in 1667, when Grigor Wiper married Margaret Glinn at St Bartolomew the Less, city of London, on September 29th of that year.

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